Glowing, transformed skin’s best kept secret! DiamondGlow takes hydra-facials to the next level, and there’s no other facial or dermabrasion treatment that delivers a glow so luminous it can be called diamond!

DiamondGlow is often described as a facial on steroids, and no wonder as it combines hydradermabrasion, with a customizable diamond tip handset, total removal of surface debris, and with the gold-standard serum collection by SkinMedica. Now in the hands of the Hayes Valley Medical & Esthetics skin care experts, it’s the best esthetic facial treatment available.

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What Is DiamondGlow?

DiamondGlow, formerly Dermalinfusion, is a fully customizable face, lip, eye area, and body skin resurfacing technology. In one 30-minute treatment, it extracts, exfoliates, and treats by infusing SkinMedica serums precisely while pores are optimally receptive. You’ll experience deeply cleaned and hydrated, glowing skin with just one facial, and long-term you’ll continue to see improvement to photodamage, hyperpigmentation, skin-tone evenness, tactile roughness, and radiance.

DiamondGlow utilizes 3X1™ Technology that simultaneously suctions dirt and oil from pores, exfoliates skin, and infuses SkinMedica serums.

how diamondglow works
diamondglow deviceThe entire facial is customized to you and your skin. One of six diamond tips is used, the levels of suction are minutely controlled, and one of SkinMedica’s market-leading serums is selected to specifically target your main skin concern.

Because of the quality formulation of SkinMedica’s serums, and the effectiveness of DiamondGlow’s technology, their infusion penetrates deep into your skin’s stem cell layer and performs for 72 hours, hydrating and targeting your specific skin issues such as pigmentation, dryness, acne, or dullness.

Glow and go! DiamondGlow is an event-ready treatment! You can receive this treatment on your lunch break or the day of an event. Call or text 415 464-8801 to make an appointment or book online now!

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Before And After Photos

"I had high expectations and DiamondGlow delivered! Nice to have the results of a hydra facial without getting soaked. " - Rachel H

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Key Benefits

Glow! That’s a benefit we all love. But because this facial is transformative, you’ll also benefit from reduction of fine lines, signs of aging, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, pore size, and from improved tone and texture.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from:
  • a customized serum that treats your skincare concerns,
  • experienced clinical estheticians,
  • no downtime, and
  • a clinical treatment in a relaxing spa environment.

A benefit from a DiamondGlow treatment at higher settings, usually for body, is improved skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage.

Savings always make a girl glow! A discounted SkinMedica product is included with every DiamondGlow facial.

Consultations are always complimentary! Book online, or call or text to 415 464-8801.

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The Serums

DiamondGlow’s benefits are myriad! One is the use of SkinMedica’s collection of Pro-Infusion serums, and the corresponding home care regimen products.
Your esthetician will select one of five serums to customize your DiamondGlow treatment to your skin’s needs. A home care regimen (no obligation or pressure) can be recommend to further the serum’s benefits, optimize your treatment results, and help you maintain your dewy glow.

diamondglow serums
More info on the DiamondGlow serums.

"The Diamond Glow facial was a lovely experience, super refreshing, and relaxing. My skin looks and feels amazing." - Bernadette H.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DiamondGlow right for me?

If you are looking for a facial that is transformational, goes beyond skimming the surface, and is more than just a glow, DiamondGlow is for you.

All skin types and tones can be treated. Let us know if you have compromised skin, are pregnant or lactating, use steroid or retinoid creams, or have any medical conditions or allergies.

What happens during treatment?

You’ll relax and feel comfortable in our luxurious treatment bed. Some people feel a mild abrasion, and nearly all patients in a clinical survey said it was an enjoyable experience. 30 minutes later, you’ll walk out with your skin feeling plump, hydrated and glowing.

Post-treatment care or downtime?

For one to two hours after treatment, you skin may be mildly pink. If you are concerned, we can send you on your way with a gentle tinted sunscreen to protect and tone down any color.

Keep the glow going at home! In a clinical trial, those who supported their DiamondGlow facial with a SkinMedica at-home regimen showed even greater improvement to skin roughness, radiance, hyperpigmentation, photodamage, and skin tone unevenness

How long until I see results?

Immediate skin radiance was experienced by 90% of patients right after treatment, hydration experienced by 89%, and plumper skin by 95%. (SkinMedica clinical study.)

Two months after your appointment, your skin cells with have turned over, and you'll see full results.

Because the infused serum remains active deep in your skin for 72 hours after your appointment, you can expect to see improvement continue. Longer-term, results can be optimized with your home care regiment, and of course, sunscreen – always sunscreen!

How many treatments will I need?

Typically, three appointments about five weeks apart leads to optimal results, and then maintenance four times a year.

Which areas can be treated?

The majority of DiamondGlow treatments are facials. Our DiamondGlow facial includes the front of the neck, and the eye and lip areas. DiamondGlow devices also include a body hand piece and prescribed therapy for back, chest/décolletage, abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks, and feet.

Can this treatment be used as part of a combo therapy?

DiamondGlow can help prepare the skin so that results from procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels are maximized to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. DiamondGlow can also be used after other procedures to aide in lymphatic drainage.

What is the science?

The stratum corneum is your dead, outer layer of skin. It can prevent maximum absorption of your topical products and hinder helpful skin metabolism which helps skin turn over from old to new.

Like other microdermabrasion treatments, DiamondGlow’s exfoliation targets and removes the stratum corneum to reveal brighter skin underneath. But better than other microdermabrasion treatments, all debris is simultaneously suctioned away and while pores are most open and receptive, the powerful serums are infused.

DiamondGlow Serums

SkinMedica’s collection of Pro-Infusion serums

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"HVME is always up to date with the latest in skin care treatments and I love coming in and trying the newest thing that always makes my face glow. " - Amy A.

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"I had the best facial ever! My skin is glowing and soo soft. Sandra did amazing, and the office it's so nice and clean I highly recommend coming here. Can't wait till my next appointment." - Alexis J.

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